January 31, 2014

Suede attire

wearing boyfriend coat from weekday; asos shirt; stradivarius boots; persunmall bag; swarovski necklace

January 28, 2014

Cheap Monday lace

wearing cheap monday dress; persunmall boots; h&m under dress, jacket, hat, clutch; new yorker watch

I am finally on vacation! One week off from school and I am very much enjoying not having anything to do. Anyway we unexpectedly went to Amsterdam last Saturday and while we were there, why not take a laaast look at the sales. I promise it really was a last look and I am challenging myself not to shop very soon. I still don't have a definition of very soon though. So, if you don't know already, the sales at Weekday are always amazing and there is a very big chance of being entrapped by them. I saw this dress and a fake diamond bracelet two weeks ago but I was strong and didn't buy them. However on Saturday they were still there, so of course I couldn't resist. I've been looking for a nice oversized lace dress (was lucky to find it in black) and here it is. 
Now I am back to the cozy couch, catching up on some TV shows and movies. Bye!

January 25, 2014

Dressale Giveaway!

Hello ladies! I am teaming up with Dresssale, launching a giveaway for their dresses!
You have the chance to win a dress worth $200 and these are the steps to register:
1.  Register on Dresssale.com
2.  Like Dresssale on Facebook
3.  Follow Dressale on Twitter 
4.  Leave a comment with your email
5. Don't forget to register for the dress you want here --- http://www.dressale.com/free_trials.html
Good luck!

January 22, 2014

Zara cravings

I had my third exam this week, and have two more to go! But since I am free tomorrow I decided to take a break from studying for an hour or two and went for a very quick shopping therapy. I went to Zara and got a white shirt with dots and also spotted some stuff from the new collection. Spring is not coming soon over here, however this doesn't mean we have to wear all black. I love this babyblue color but I never actually find cool pieces in it, so these items instantly went on top of my list. The heels are perfect, since I have been looking for a black or white pair of stilettos and they are both. Dress - not the biggest fan of yellow, but it is simple and oversized, I think it would be very comfy and would be a good touch to my wardrobe. 
Conclusion - more studying, less spending and Zara, here I come.
Bye now, have a great week!

January 16, 2014

Persunmall goodies

wearing boots (link) and bag from persunmall; jacket from stradivarius; faux leather pants from h&m; vintage tops; earrings from Iam store; swarovski necklace;

Hello lovelies, I hope you had great holidays! I am back at school from this week and exams are just around the corner. If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have already seen my new attire from Persunmall, which I got as a quite late Christmas gift. I was in a big dilemma, between this pair of booties, and a similar one with laces, but I definitely made the right choice. I remember the last time I wore patent leather - age 13/14, crocodile pointy booties, which a little later I realized how extremely ridiculous looked on me. However I was a pretty fashionable one and today patent leather is having a second chance with me.  The bag I also got from Persunmall, and it was a though choice, since they have quite a wide range of bags and they all looked pretty cool. Both items have really good quality and as a person who never shops online, I am definitely going to consider future orders from Persunmall's website.
Finally, I just wanted to admit how untrendy I am, because blogs have been full of pink this fall and somehow it got into me right away, too. So I bought this jacket months ago when I was visiting my parents in Bulgaria and even though it is the first time you see it, its quite a catch. Cozy and warm wool, you can find it in Stradivarius.
Ok, that's all for now, back to studying.. Have a good weekend!

January 9, 2014

January 5, 2014

Camel Coat

wearing vintage camel coat; tally weijl shirt; h&m pants; zara bag; converse sneakers; Iam earrings