July 29, 2013


boyfriend wemoto shirt; vintage levis shorts; zara bag; h&m sunnies; vintage belt,watch
My outfit from Saturdays festival called Stekker in het park, in Utrecht. Unfortunately these are the only normal pictures of me taken this day.. But I finally have some free time to shoot and have prepared some posts before I take off to Paris this friday. Have a great week xx

July 26, 2013

Sun is up

1.2. sunnies, earrings and necklace from h&m; vintage silk top
3. zara sandals

July 15, 2013


New pair of summer sneakers. It was about time to get some white shoes. 
from everlast

July 11, 2013

All white

h&m dress
Summer officially begins! School is done and I am going to be enjoying my freedom in the next almost 2 months. Also we are planning a trip to a place I've been wanting to visit for a long time and its only 3 weeks from now, I can't wait. By the way this is my new favorite dress, I'm totally all white and pastel this summer and I hav also prepared a lot of dresses. Stay tuned for more xx

July 4, 2013

Summer Jewelry

                                       h&m; swarovski; angelili; flying tiger; i am; vintage;
My jewelry collection doesn't change a lot, I try to keep the same stuff since every piece I buy I really fall in love with. The most recent I bought were the golden cuffs from H&M and I have another pair on my list now. Anyway, Im off to a very busy long weekend, so I will be gone for now. xx

July 1, 2013

Rotterdam calls

wearing h&m DIY jeans; h&m sunnies and jacket; converse; swarovski necklace;

Life is more busy than ever! I feel bad because I left the blog behind and I haven't really made a lot of photos lately. But I've been shooting with my film camera so I hope I will have new material very soon. School is still not over for me and unfortunately summer is also not here yet. And from what I've heard the weather in Holland is going to stay 'spring-ish' for the summer. So cool that I decided to stay here, I might as well have went to live in Alyaska. Anyway I never posted pictures from my trip to Rotterdam last month, so heres an outfit post! And I promise to be back soon. xx