May 31, 2012

H&M for water

I am wearing Zara heels, BCBG dress; thrifted trench
2 days ago I visited H&M's showroom to check out their Water Collection .
Really loved the cute suite from photo #1 , but still in doubt if I should buy it ..
The collection is so fresh and cool and will be in stores in a few days !
1.trying on a summer suit .
2. tulip earrings + necklace
3. cute hawaian skirt
4. retro shorts suit
5. cool leather jacket from the winter collection

May 27, 2012

H&M outfit

weaaring Terranova shorts and hat; thrifted shirt; shoes shoe aquarium; zara belt; h&m necklace
My outfit while I was at the H&M showroom last week. 
I hate it when it's hot and still rains. Crazy weather .

May 23, 2012

H&M Fall 2012

leather jacket . sequined skirt . balenciaga inspired shorts .
Check, check and check . 
Yesterday I had the chance to visit H&M's showroom and review the fall trend collection and well,
seeing it live was cooler than seeing the photos all over the blogs ..
I hope in a few months I would be able to get a piece from the collection if I'm not out of cash haha

May 21, 2012


bag, necklace DIY ; t-shirt from Amserdam; thrifted blazer
Outfit with my new handmade necklace .
I can't explain how did I get inspired while studying for my finals but well,
one of the results looks great. Now we'll see if I nailed the test . haha

May 18, 2012

boyfriend pieces

wearing madoc jeans; terranova sweater; h&m necklace and sneakers;
parfois sunglasses
I did not only borrow the boyfriend jeans but also the boyfriend sweater and
I have to say the H&M sneakers turned out to be so comfy that I can't stop wearing them.
 The photos are from a lovely dinner party at my friend's place some days ago plus my outfit shot the morning after that . wishing you a great weekend while I'm studying hard for my exams next week .

May 16, 2012

sunday sale

dress indian point; hat from new yorker; thrifted bag; pop up shop belt;
kitty shop heels; vintage bracelets;
We did have our sunday sale at Culture Beat and it was kinda successful.
I actually sold some of my stuff and I am happy with it, now there is place for new pieces.
Even though the weather wasn't sunny I decided to go with this fresh blue dress,
I guess it did brought me a little luck and I am absolutely waiting for the next sale .

May 13, 2012

eden x instagram

                                       I said I don't have Instagram, but well, my friend does. haha
above are some shots from the past few weeks.

May 10, 2012


wearing tally weijl pants; shoe aquarium shoes; h&m necklace and sunglasses;
DIY bracelet + vintage bracelet; zara belt; dad's old blazer.

May 6, 2012


pants - mom's old; shoes - zara; necklace, sunglasses - h&m; heart necklace - swarovski