January 29, 2013


The photos were made last month by my friend Ellen, while I was in Bulgaria. check her blog here . With her new projects shes trying to capture the street style, but she does it even cooler by making videos. I also have a video, will post it a bit later, kinda having problems with vimeo now. Hope you like it. x

wearing vintage shirt and cardigan; hand-made coat; jeans/sneackers/bag unknown; hm earrings; vintage watch

January 26, 2013


Have been playing around with my webcam lately. Did some experimenting with the blond hair. I still like it tho and I'm going to stay blond for some time.
Having a holiday now, did some shopping so I will try to actually make some photos haha. x

January 21, 2013

EDEN x The Messy Store

For those who follow me on Facebook may already know, but let me say it for the others. When I was back in Bulgaria for the Christmas holiday I reorganized my closet and found tons of clothes I would not like to wear anymore. I have teamed up with The Messy Store, I told you about them recently, and my stuff are now under their custody. Everything in the pictures above is for sale (except the shoes) and you can buy it at a sale organized by The Messy Store in February. There are a lot more clothes for sale but no photos, sorry. Unfortunately they are not selling online so you can only get the pieces at the event itself.
If you are interested in something and not only my selection, follow me on Facebook or follow The Messy Store facebook page so you can get informed when they announce the event. I'm not going to be at the event but I really hope those 'lost' clothes find their new owner! xx

January 16, 2013

pastel camo

h&m sweater, earrings and wedges; tally weijl pants; new yorker jacket; orsay bag

January 12, 2013


h&m jeans; unknown blouse and bracelet; sacha necklace; paolo botticelli shoes.

January 11, 2013

Dark lights.

Photoshoot we made in the Art University in Den Hague last month.
Photographed by Renate van der Togt.

January 6, 2013

New year, New hair.

Starting the new year with new hair color.
It's a bit darker than the blonde I wanted, but looks good enough for now.

January 1, 2013

Recap 2012

Another year passed, filled with ups and downs and I'm feeling like what just happened is the beggining of my life. So much emotions and amazing stuff that cannot be described in a whole book. I know I haven't been a good blogger the past months and I've always laughed at bloggers who don't find the time, well now I am one of them. And I was really surprised when I stumbled on all these outfits from the past year. Made me realize I should get more organized and blog as I did before.
Yesterday was a cool night, hope you all had a great New Years Eve, too, even though we don't really need  a special occasion to forget or forgive, move on or make wishes. Life goes on in the same way, everyone doing their on thing or trying to find this thing that keep us going. 
Apparently I am in a writing mood, probably because of all the school work that is waiting for me. I have one week left in Bulgaria, half of it would be studying time and the rest is all about my family and friends. Aaaand that's it for now, see you soon and happy new year! xx