June 29, 2012

last sunday

wearing thrifted dress and sunnies; shoe aquarium shoes; zara belt; parfois chocker; 
handmade necklaces
Looks like I won't have the photos from yesterdays H&M's store opening for another day or two, so see what I wore a week ago at Sunday's beat bazar . I decided to have a break and stay a few days at home, since it's crazy hot outside and the well, the parties did exhaust me . That doesn't mean I won't be blogging, I have prepared some post so stay tuned . xx

p.s I hope you like the 'moving'shot + my new golden necklace saying Raya in bulgarian ;p

June 25, 2012


My new top made by my 13 year old sis (I have no idea how she did it) plus my first tattoo ever ! 
What do you think ? 

June 22, 2012


wearing vintage shorts, glasses and loafers; h&m necklace

June 18, 2012

fresh start

motor jeans; vintage shirt; zara heels; orsay bag; h&m sunnies and necklace
The weekend was so exhausting ! Already lost the number of the parties I've been to, so I am taking a lazy Monday and getting back to bed while you are reading this . I have to admit this is not one of my party outfits, exactly the opposite - casual, yet kinda elegant . I've been crazy over denim + shirt combos . You will be seeing it a lot from me these days ..  Anyways, have a great week, guys ;p

June 15, 2012

colorful .

thrifted skirt and clutch, belt, necklace; new torker hat;
Wearingsome stuff which I will be selling this sunday at Culture Beat . Check the event here
 Check also my facebook page for more info .

June 13, 2012

chasing the sun

wearing h&m dress; juicy couture necklace; orsay bag; vintage belt

June 11, 2012

city girl

wearing vintage skirt; orsay jacket; ray ban sunnies; shoe aquarium boots;
I've just found these photos taken more than a month ago, but I guess who cares, they are here now . 

June 9, 2012


wearing tom tailor jacket; thrifted shirt; new yorker shoes; vintage belt
It's crazy hot outside ! And these shots are from last week, just wanted to show you my new shoes haha . Got them at New Yorker's store and on sale, very comfy and perfect for everyday . Can't wait to beat the flue, go out and get tan haha, hope you're having a great weekend ! xx

p.s. sorry for the bad quality of the photos

June 7, 2012


wearing thrifted shirt; orsay bag; h&m necklace and sunnies; tommy hilfiger wedges;

While you're reading this post I'm laying sick at home and of course the weather is more beautiful than ever . Once again just my luck . Anyways 2 days ago I had the chance to wear shorts for the first time this year  and I hope in a day or two I will be ready for another try . Now I'm back to my fav tv shows and lots of hot tea . See you soon . xx

June 4, 2012

lost and found .

wearing thrifted blazer; tally wejil skirt; h&m glasses; fornarina top; kitty shop heels
I've been browsing trough my folders full of photos and have found an enourmous amount of unseen shots.
So this is an outfit from more than a few weeks and I guess it's even taken with Instagram .
Stay tuned and check my facebook page for more updates 

June 3, 2012

Prom .

wearing BSB dress; zara heels; orsay bag; vintage necklace & blazer ;
photos with Emo from Art fashion and alchohol and my sister .
I just graduated and had my prom ! This actually happened last weekend but I didn't have the chance
to share any photos . I had an amazing time and cannot wait to start my new life !
But first, let the summer begin ! xx