October 9, 2010

Early winter

I just love that my hair is so long! And I haven't had it that long in a veeery long time

army boots, sweater-unknown; bag-Chloe;coat-customized;
legings-Bershka;glasses-Tally Weijl

These days were really though for me-I'm ill and sick and I haven't been staying
in but felt better today, so I decided it was time for a little outfit post.
It's freaking freezing outside the last week and I still don't have a proper coat,
so I got lucky today with the sun and got to wear my not so winter coat.
Anyway as I said about my lately addiction to red-found the sweater in my
mom's or dad's closet don't remember exactly but I 've been wearing it for more
than a year so guess its mine now and I looove its shade of red.
And of course my old black army boots which I hated for a really long period
2 years ago when I bought them and last year I loved them again:DD
I'm gonna hit the bed now and hope I'll be great next week
posting some new outfits, c ya guys:))
xo R.B.

October 2, 2010

Denim & Leather

shirt-Levi's; Leather leggings-Bershka; shoes-Red lips;
vest-my mom made it

The weather is perfect these days! It's the time when I can put
all kind of clothes and layer them...so
I've been wanting to make this outfit for such a long time but it was too hot,
and I'm really happy that I made it at last.
Wore simple white top with my dad's Levi's shirt
and that knitted vest(my mom made it) which used to be a cardigan
but it wasnt't working good for me, so I cut the sleeves.
Anyway I finally got to show you how I wear these rock boots
and the best decision were the leather leggings.
Also my recent obsession for rings isn't over.
The ring isn't golden but I LOVE the red fake diamonds or something.
This winter is going to be the season of the red for me, so prepare for some bloody colored clothes!
xo R.B.
PS. I just made a facebook group for the blog. Click here to join:)))