June 22, 2013

Smurf ice-cream

zara peplum top; h&m shorts; betsey johnson sunnies; h&m earrings

June 19, 2013

Last week

1. bf swag shirt, betsey johnson sunnies
2. handmade headband
3. ray bans, h&m necklace
4. red lips + pastel green (dad's) old shirt
5. black'n'white party
6. sick ear cuff from h&m

June 9, 2013

Persunmall GIVEAWAY

I teamed up with Persunmall to launch this Giveaway and if you want to win one these cool pieces here are the steps to enter:
1.  Register at www.persunmall.com
3. Leave a comment here with e-mail, name, the item link you like.

Links for the items :

The Giveaway ends on the 20th of June, so 10 days to go! Good Luck ! xx

June 4, 2013

Interview with Jolie Duzon

  wearing all Jolie Duzon + blue bracelets; swarovski necklace

 ‘Why waste your life, looking like crap? ‘ says Zillah, the designer of a new brand called Jolie Duzon which was launched in June 2011. She is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands but Zillah is originally from Saint Martin, The Caribbean. Business school was what brought her in The Netherlands yet the passion for fashion was stronger so she dropped out after 2 years. The next step was of course fashion school and what better than the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She didn’t get in unfortunately, but she tried again and the second time was successful. After getting accepted into the fashion school and realizing that her sewing technique was not sufficient enough to follow the course, she decided to follow her dreams on her own terms. She had her first show a couple of months ago in The Hague and it turned out better than she expected.

How did the first show go?
-          It was better than expected, a lot of guests came to support and I got asked to give some interviews already.

Was it hard to start a brand, without having education in fashion or sponsors?
-          I was rejected by the bank so my parents were kindly enough to invest in me and my dream. Also I am very stubborn and believe that I am going to make it and at last year my brand was already a fact.

What is the collection inspired from?
          My collection is a mix of European elegance and Caribbean prints. I am inspired by the warm weather, colors, nature, prints and mostly women. I want to encourage them to embrace the lady inside and bring the greatness they have. Also everything is wearable and affordable, some of the clothes even wearable in all seasons.

What will your next collection look like?
          The clothes will have custom-made prints and it will be launched next summer.

Tell me something more about you.
         I am a working mother, a housewife and also a businesswoman. It’s not easy to keep everything balanced, but I have a loving husband and family who support me in what I am doing. I believe in God and pray often. I believe he helped me until now and he is going to help me success in life.

What are your plans for the future?
          Right now I am working with a company who makes pop up stores and hopefully we will open one in Rotterdam, Delft or The Hague. The next step is more serious. My collections consist one piece of each so I want to open my own intimate boutiques in the future, which will have a Caribbean vibe. I am also planning on doing a fashion show back home in Saint Martin.

June 3, 2013


tommy hilfiger shirt; h&m wedges; vintage blazer; zara bag