August 24, 2012

canon t50

This is my new baby . 
Haha That sounds creepy . I got it yesterday from a friend and I am ready to try something new .
I taught that shooting with a non-digital camera is more fun, because there won't be any posing, just pure moments  and until I find a photographer to help me keeping up the blog, you will see my point of view . xx

August 22, 2012


I just got back from the seaside, where I spent a whole week ! I planned staying only 3 days but it turned out to be so beautiful and fun there that I couldn't leave . Unfortunately I didin't bring my camera and all the photos were taken by friends , so now this shot is the only one I have from my holiday . This photo was taken moments after I jumped from that rock ! It was crazy and yet really fun experience . The adrenalin was so much that it took me half an hour to calm down and realize that I have scratches on my legs .
Anyways I am fine and alive and had an amazing time . I met some lovely new people, spent some time with the old friends and I am absolutely ready to start the new year .

p.s. If you are not following my facebook page , you must have missed the big news . I am moving to Utrecht, The Netherlands . I am going to study there and I am flying this Monday ! I have no idea what will happen with this blog, I may find someone and jeep it running, or I may not . Wish me luck and stay tuned . xx

August 12, 2012


This is a shoot I did last Sunday with jewelry made by Iliana Angelova . The pieces are all handmade, amazingly structured and also very hippie . I am absolutely loving how unique and stylish they are !
I got a necklace myself  + a pair of earrings, if you are following my facebook page  maybe you have seen it, also check the page of Iliana, it's called Angelili  . You can order anything online ;p
Tomorrow by this time I hope I will be on the beach chilling and tanning haha, so no blogging for a few days but be back with lots to tell . Hope you are having a great summer, too ! xx

photos by Rumen Markov -

August 3, 2012

summer uniform

thrifted shirt; DIY shorts; Givenchy bag, new yorker boots; h&m sunnies .
This is what I usually wear (everywhere) for the last month - Shorts + a comfortable shirt, big bag and a pair of boots or heels . It's not that creative but perfect for everyday and almost every occassion . Also yes, the heart on my wrist is my second tattoo .  I am keeping it very basic but who knows what idea would come out from that crazy head of mine .. Aaaaand that is all for now, promise to be back soon . xx