November 30, 2011


I told you about the Kat Von D inspired shoot we did last week and here's a peek.
I'll be getting the rest of the photos in a few days so stay tuned. x

November 28, 2011

celine - ish

The last of three bags I brought back from Turkey.
Obviously fake, from a random shop but very comfortable for everyday.

November 26, 2011


Couldn't stop laughing when I saw this shot and don't worry the tattoos are not real.
We just had a little photo shoot yesterday, inspired by Kat Von D so tattooes were all over me.
Of course this is not part of the shoot, it was taken later at the club.
I didn't even realize how funny we had written f*ck, it looked fine to me until this photo came in xaxa
I'm probably heading to another party tonight, but with my fake tatooes removed ..
have a great weekend x

November 21, 2011

saturday afternoon

wearing dad's sweater; customized jacket; Tally Weijl leather skirt;
Parfois glasses; chanel bag; red lips boots;
sassa bjorg scarf

I spent saturday afternoon at bulgarian brand Sassa Bjorg's showroom trying on some pieces
of their latest collection. The scarf I'm wearing was soo cool that I regret not bying it.
Sadly right now it's kinda expensive for me but you can help me on this one.
bulgarian site u-lica took photos of us the guests at sassa's studio and we entered a competition
where the one with the most voted look will get something for free.
vote me on this link

November 17, 2011


I'm not a fan of replica bags but when I was in Istanbul I just couldn't resist.
With so many beautiful bags around me I found myself in paradise.
You have already seen the Chanel one and there's one more bag which I'm showing very soon,
wishing you a great weekend . xx

November 16, 2011

pop up shop. the event

wearing tally weijl leather pants; vintage jewelry; chanel bag; nike sneakers

wooh I finally managed to get some photos from last fridays' event.
So it was created by the two lovely bloggers Mira and Iva, check their blogs here and here.
The event was called Pop Up Shop and it's purpose was to sell clothes and accesories which Mira and Iva were collecting trough the years and have never worn.
The event turned out to be a great party, there were so many cool people and of course
we had much fun. I can't wait for Pop Up Shop #2

November 14, 2011


details from last Friday's event, I'm telling you more about it tomorrow.
until then enjoy my new Chanel bag, Nike sneakers and some new bling bling all from Istanbul

November 12, 2011


We've been running from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. all over Istanbul the other day and it was such
a great experience. My dad had some business to do but of course I stole some time for shopping.
Got some amazing presents which I'm showing you very soon.
Anyway I couldn't get much sleep the last few days but I'm off to a party in an hour haha
hope you're having a great weekend!

p.s can you guess what I'm holding in the first photo? :D

November 9, 2011

all in one

wearing H&M skirt; shoe aquarium boots; dad's sweater; DIY necklace;
red. blue. black. denim. knit. leather. and silver. need I say more?

In a few hours me and my dad are heading to Istanbul and will be there for a day.
Hopefully we'll have time for a quick shopping tour and I'll be back on Friday with loads of photos.

November 7, 2011

wind in my hair

wearing Parfois sunglasses; mu dad's sweater; DIY necklace.
Just my hair blown by the wind.
Well almost. I flipped it all over me and pretend it was the wind. haha

November 4, 2011

Knapp fashion show

with Mira from T Q C & Iva from Inspiration exist
with Yana, she was one of the models and also has a blog - trashy yellow

As promised here are some snaps from Knapp's fashion show.
It was so chic and retro I loved the whole collection.
Actually I couldn't take photos so I had to steal some from GIA Magazine.
I'll have proper photos of my outfit very soon, until then happy weekend everyone. x

November 2, 2011

anastasia beverly hills

Firstly, this is the lipgloss I got from Anastasia Beverly Hills last week.
I usually don't put on any make up but it happens once in a while to use some lipstick or eyeliner.
I've been searching for a lipgloss and when the people from Anastasia contacted me to
try their product I was really glad. I can use the gloss like everyday.
check out their website here
I only have to share I got really rude and offensive comments from an anonymous user.
I'm aware of the fact not everyone likes what I do but I do it for fun and you should know you
are not obliged to follow or read me.
Anyway I think everyone should have their own opinion and share it.

November 1, 2011

happy halloween

wearing Zara skirt; cotton blouse; New Yorker boots; swarovski necklace

I can't tell you what exactly was my costume but it was inspired by Wednsday daughter
from the Adams family/ cat / naughty school girl haha
Anyway I had so much fun last night, hope you did too!