July 28, 2010

Another obsession

Another obsession is Taylor Momsen and her style since second season in GG.
Liked her look in the first season but seeing her style evolving I started to love it.
Think her new hair color suits her perfect.
I love the way she wears these ultra short skirts and dresses and still she doesn't
look like a whore or whatever.Also I love her group-The pretty reckless
and now I'm addicted to her music,listening all day long the same.
Hope you like her too.Enjoy.
xo R.B.

July 26, 2010


J'adore Anna

I couldn't wait till tomorrow to show you how much I love Anna Dello Russo's style.
For the last month I have been admiring her pix from men's fweeks with her
lace D&G dresses and Prada sunglasses.
As she says she's not cool,she's fashion.Gorgeous and I love the way she talks in italian:D
Also love her blog ANNADELLORUSSO .Enjoy
xo R.B.

Kinda obsessed or what?

ELLE Italia august 2010

I was just reading some blogs and then I saw this photoshoot with Erin
and even though my last post was about her I couldn't resist.
She's absolutely stunning and I love these photos.
Promise next post is about other style icons:))
xo R.B.

July 25, 2010

Love Erin

The first one is my fav. I love this dress and I found one like that in
my mom's closet!Show you sometime:))

Having a little knee problem, so I'm staying home for a few days.
Decided to post some pix of one of my fav models-Erin Wasson.
Love her style,her look and her label.So today I'm posting my fav looks of her.

July 15, 2010

In the sunlight...

shoes- Shoe Aquarium
After our little walk in the mall, we decided to find some place out to relax a bit and
make some photos.I think we took some great shots. Enjoy.