September 12, 2010

Dreaming of NY Fweek

leather pants-Tally Weijl; top-Mango; shoes-Tendenz;
ring,jacket-Uknown; bag-Chloe

I have something to tell and I think that anyone suspects it but it's true.
I ama tennis player:DDD but now I have that stupid knee problem and I haven't played
for a few months.You are wandering why the hell I'm telling you this?
Well now at that moment it's the WEEK I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR LIKE FOREVER
(NY F WEEK)and I'm stuck on the other side of the world and the whole week I'm going
to be a linesman at a womens tennis tournament here in Bulgaria.
So I wanted to recreate the atmosphere and tought of Balmain with a
little bit of Olivia Palermo.Hre's the new bag!
And I'm wearing these shoes for the last time cause
they broke(yes seriously-the sole is broken)
but I'm buying new ones this week so in a few days you'll see my new sweeties:)))
And about the glasses from the last shot-yesterday went to my friend's
house and she was throwing some stuff away and when I saw these
I was like-Why are you throwing them?!Give them to me!!:DDD
That's all for now lovely readers,c ya soon:)))
xo R.B.