February 27, 2013

The red door

wearing h&m jacket, necklace, necklace; thrifted shirt; zara bag; converse sneackers

February 22, 2013

dark day.

wearing monki top; h&m skirt, jacket; zara bag; parfois chocker; swarovski necklace; flying tiger headphones;

February 18, 2013


wearing mango flares; monki top; zara bag; shoe aquarium shoes; ray ban sunnies; h&m rings; sacha necklace

February 14, 2013


Don't be scared of my face haha, just did my make up and it turned out too good not to take a shot.
Happy Valentines day, to those who are celebrating! xx
wearing a Monki top; h&m rings; sacha necklace

February 13, 2013

the shelves

The weather was too good to waste after school, although it was still cold, we went for a walk and then we spend more than an hour in a second hand store for books, furniture and other shit like this. Shelves are so massive there, you can get lost ..

February 10, 2013

oh la la

Having blond hair is more fun than ever but it's also a pain in the ass. You have to be careful with the really dark roots going on in less than a week after dying it. I finally diyed my roots but I am wandering for how long should I keep the color.. probably as long as I have fun, who knows.

February 4, 2013


Ugh, quality of photos - none. Sorry for that. Anyways, did some shopping in my two week holiday, which is now over. Back to school tomorrow ..
wearing h&m pants, rings, jacket; zara bag, sneackers; betsey johnson sunnies; new yorker bomber;

February 2, 2013

white fur

Got this really cute mini fur carpet from Ikea the other day and some goods on sale from Zara.

February 1, 2013