August 30, 2013


wearing h&m jumpsuit; zara sandals and bag; h&m sunnies and necklace
I wore this while we were exploring Reims and also did some shopping. 

August 28, 2013

Jardin des Plantes

wearing old tally weijl dress; h&m sunnies, ear cuffs; converse;

August 26, 2013

New on the blog

Just joined Instagram and yes, its lame lame lame but I do love taking random photos and its way easier to share them. So if you will, follow me here. xxx 

August 24, 2013

Promenade Plantee

wearing herve leger dress; h&m sunnies; converse

 Another set of pictures from Paris - Promenade Plantee, Lafayette and the Opera. 

August 19, 2013

August 10, 2013


vintage shirt; tally weijl skirt; zara sandals; h&m sunnies
I'm back from our trip! France and Belgium were great and I have tons of photos to share. And editing will start right after we finish unpacking. Stay tuned xx

August 1, 2013

Blue jeans

wearing vintage levis shorts; boyfriend asos tee; vintage belt and bag; h&m sunnies; converse
I didn't have as much time as expected to prepare some more posts, but its not like I was very regular anyway .. Heres one outfit and since its crazy 35 degrees and basically you can't take a breath these vintage shorts have become my summer uniform. There really isn't anything more comfortable or convinient for this heat. 
I've packed a lot of dresses for Paris though and I really hope I don't melt in the meantime. 
You can follow my facebook page - Eden, which I will try to update while I'm gone and I'm also not taking any laptop with me.  Hope you are also having fun holidays!
Au revoir xx