March 27, 2013


Faces from this week. Really loving the Bradshaw curls, def will do it more often.

March 25, 2013

The long ones

wearing tommy hilfiger shirt; mango flares; thrifted trenchcoat;

 I just did a feature for a new Bulgarian website called where I pick my favourite pairs of spring 2013 shoes, for those who follow me on Facebook probably have already seen the post, however you can check it HERE

March 22, 2013

Going down

wearing h&m shirt, jacket; terranova leather shorts; zara bag; converse; vintage sunnies; flying tiger headphones

March 15, 2013


I rearanged my room a bit for a school project, which you will probaby be able to see as soon as we finish it. Also I liked the new setting so much that I would keep it and do my studying right there. Even though I was never a fan of desks, my work is always done sitting on the bed, it's time to grow up and be more proffessional.
wearing Zara top; H&M leather pants, earrings; 

March 12, 2013

Black Chanel

The temperature is minus 2 degrees but I didn't want to miss a chance taking those babies out for shot plus the cutest Chanel ever. Sadly they are not mine, belong to a cool German girl from my class and I told her to keep them home, cause I'm taking them with me next time. Anyways, it was about time to put some color in my life, however the black is still trending.
wearing chanel bag; h&m sweater, jeans, ring and earrings; ray bans; 

March 9, 2013


Just having fun with the webcam. Have a great weekend. xx

March 4, 2013

Once upon a time

I was cleaning my laptop yesterday, which is full with millions of photos, inspiration, party, fashion and I stumbled on some unpublshed ones. These were taken probably year and a half ago but I actually like the outfit I am wearing, probably gonna wear the same very soon .. and I have to admit I miss my old hair. I like it blond but I loved it when it was looong. Anyways, have a good week xx
wearing tally wejil pants; vintage shirt, belt; chloe bag; terranova hat, converse

March 3, 2013

The usual

The weather around here is getting brighter and warmer and even though it's not gonna get more than 20 degrees in the end, spring is not bad at all. Being able to put a dress or bike without freezing to death feels more than good. I am still in a "all black" mood, never forget to add some spark though.
wearing terranova shorts; newyorker bomber; zara bag and sneackers; juicy couture necklace; ray bans; flying tiger headphones;