January 1, 2013

Recap 2012

Another year passed, filled with ups and downs and I'm feeling like what just happened is the beggining of my life. So much emotions and amazing stuff that cannot be described in a whole book. I know I haven't been a good blogger the past months and I've always laughed at bloggers who don't find the time, well now I am one of them. And I was really surprised when I stumbled on all these outfits from the past year. Made me realize I should get more organized and blog as I did before.
Yesterday was a cool night, hope you all had a great New Years Eve, too, even though we don't really need  a special occasion to forget or forgive, move on or make wishes. Life goes on in the same way, everyone doing their on thing or trying to find this thing that keep us going. 
Apparently I am in a writing mood, probably because of all the school work that is waiting for me. I have one week left in Bulgaria, half of it would be studying time and the rest is all about my family and friends. Aaaand that's it for now, see you soon and happy new year! xx

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  1. Some outfits and poses are awesome, like the one next to the car.