January 21, 2013

EDEN x The Messy Store

For those who follow me on Facebook may already know, but let me say it for the others. When I was back in Bulgaria for the Christmas holiday I reorganized my closet and found tons of clothes I would not like to wear anymore. I have teamed up with The Messy Store, I told you about them recently, and my stuff are now under their custody. Everything in the pictures above is for sale (except the shoes) and you can buy it at a sale organized by The Messy Store in February. There are a lot more clothes for sale but no photos, sorry. Unfortunately they are not selling online so you can only get the pieces at the event itself.
If you are interested in something and not only my selection, follow me on Facebook or follow The Messy Store facebook page so you can get informed when they announce the event. I'm not going to be at the event but I really hope those 'lost' clothes find their new owner! xx

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