December 28, 2012

Achieve your New Year resolution to get in shape

At the beginning of each year, thousands of people promise to become fitter and healthier. While many successfully meet their goals, the majority unfortunately won’t achieve their New Year resolutions to get in shape, with most giving up early on. 
Scientists believe that this might be because it can take up to 66 days to break out of an old habit. So, following these simple recommendations could give you a better chance of breaking that elusive 66-day barrier and achieving your resolution to get in shape.
First of all, remove temptations. If your weakness is chocolate, don’t buy more when you run low. Carrying just enough cash to pay for the car park or the bus fare is also another great tip: if you have to pay by card then you’ll be less likely to buy a chocolate bar on impulse. 
Similarly, if you love going out on a Saturday night and indulging in a tipple or two, try switching from calorific beer or cider to spirits, obviously taking into account responsible intake levels. Using diet mixers would be even better for meeting your goal.
Secondly, think about getting a gym membership or some sports equipment. If you’ve got a direct debit to a gym set up every month or you’ve just spent a fair amount of money on exercise gear, then you’re more likely to stick to your resolution. 
If you haven’t got the room for the equipment or you’re too tired after work to visit your local gym, then there are plenty of work-out videos online that you can easily do in the comfort of your living room. Remember, even a little bit of exercise each day – 30 minutes being the recommended duration – will help you to break out of a sedentary lifestyle. 
Finally, you can treat your resolution as an excuse to pick out some great new clothes! January sales is a perfect time to buy some fab sportswear to wear while you burn off the calories and you might just find yourself that little bit more motivated to get on a treadmill at the end of the day.


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