June 29, 2012

last sunday

wearing thrifted dress and sunnies; shoe aquarium shoes; zara belt; parfois chocker; 
handmade necklaces
Looks like I won't have the photos from yesterdays H&M's store opening for another day or two, so see what I wore a week ago at Sunday's beat bazar . I decided to have a break and stay a few days at home, since it's crazy hot outside and the well, the parties did exhaust me . That doesn't mean I won't be blogging, I have prepared some post so stay tuned . xx

p.s I hope you like the 'moving'shot + my new golden necklace saying Raya in bulgarian ;p


  1. I love H&M ! How exciting!
    By the wya, I love the gorgeoussss outfit!
    The necklaces are amaaazing, cant believe you made them yourself!
    Lovingg the blog, doll

    xx [ aphrodite blue ]

  2. pretty dress and cute this small video.