January 6, 2012


1. adidas originals x jeremy scott
2. supra
3. last but not least, my sneackers. sorry for the crappy shot and for their look.

It's about time you see the whole truth. I am not usually dressing like that. 
Nope, just joking. I love dressing up and shooting for the blog but in my everyday life I am really
addicted to sneackers. Nike, Adidas Originals, Converse .. I can't pick a favorite.
Recently I found this UK based online shop called SIZE? There are some really cool stuff there.
Right now I am crushing over some supras and the famous crazy angel sneackers of jeremy scott x adidas originals.
I have to be careful with my spendings at the moment but you should feel free to get some of these babies!

post in partnership with size


  1. Woooooooooooow, страхотна колекция! Завиждам! Адидас не са ли велики!?

  2. Just bought my first pair of flashy sneakers today. I'm so proud !

    Thanks for your lovely comment :)


  3. Hey girl. Thanks for the post. I love myself a flashy pair of nikes. Nike blazers are my favorites since they're still slimming but also can be colorful. Talk to you again soon!!

  4. Is that your personal collection? It looks great :D

    I'd love to have those Jeremy Scott sneakers, but they're a little more than I can afford right now... :(

    Love! xx