November 2, 2011

anastasia beverly hills

Firstly, this is the lipgloss I got from Anastasia Beverly Hills last week.
I usually don't put on any make up but it happens once in a while to use some lipstick or eyeliner.
I've been searching for a lipgloss and when the people from Anastasia contacted me to
try their product I was really glad. I can use the gloss like everyday.
check out their website here
I only have to share I got really rude and offensive comments from an anonymous user.
I'm aware of the fact not everyone likes what I do but I do it for fun and you should know you
are not obliged to follow or read me.
Anyway I think everyone should have their own opinion and share it.


  1. The gloss looks great on you :-)

  2. You look lovely! Such colour of gloss suits you, really :)

  3. lol you're such a hypocrite, everyone should share their opinion you say ? is that why you deleted my comments ? wow.
    and one other thing missy, just because someone doesnt like what you do doesnt mean they're "rude" and "offensive". i was nor rude, nor offensive i'm my comments, i was just speaking my mind (and the truth while we're at it), but i was perfectly polite all along, so don't come and weep on you precious followers' shoulder about the big bad anonymous.

    last thing: please tell me this sweater is a joke.
    (oh but i'll guess you'll delete that one also)

  4. I seriously don't understand why you are still here, reading? I don't mind being critisized but you can't say such things and hide. If you were any better than me you wouldn't be anonymous.
    Please stop leaving such comments I got the fact that you don't like me and I can do nothing about it.

  5. не обръщай внимание...
    гланцът изглежда супер!<3 аз си падам по по-ярки цветове, но което си е хубаво, си е хубаво!<3

  6. haha, it's always the same with fashion bloggers. as soon as you criticize them, they automatically assume you're somehow jealous and are like "why are you anonymous then ?"
    lady, the reason i am anonymous is because i don't have a blog. and i don't need to leave my email since you can reply here. i've never said i was better than you, and i won't create a blog to prove you anything.
    Why am I still here ? Well last time i checked, the internet was a free place. I like visiting fashion blogs, whether i like them or not, cause at least i can see the evolution of the bloggers.
    Stop leaving comments ? I thought you said everyone had the right to speak their mind. Unless all you're interested in is getting good feedbacks. Apparently, when people don't like what you do, they just shouldnt say it cause you only accept compliments. Wow.

  7. Honestly right now I am kind of sorry I deleted your comments, even though they were negative I appreciate them. I just don't think they are appropriate because I do the blog for fun and share my point of view. If you must know I get critisized often but my style or view won't change. Wearing these clothes I express myself in a way either if they are cheap or not the best quality. Fashion is very complex and I'm sure you won't be the last person who doesn't like me, that's the reason we have enourmous choice of clothes and styles. Everybody should dress the way they want to and shouldn't be jugded as harsh as you jugded me.

  8. you are very pretty!
    I hate this Kind of anonymous!!